Sound Compositions
Judd Greenstein
Monica Moses Haller
Matt Rahaim
Michi Wiancko

Sound Recordings along the Mississippi
Monica Moses Haller
Sebastian Muellauer  

Sound Processing
Harriet Matzdorf
Monica Moses Haller

Audio Production and Mastering
Matt Rahaim

Notes for Listening Text
Tia-Simone Gardner
Jaysen Hohlen
Monica Moses Haller
Matt Rahaim

Text Editing
Patricia Briggs
Jaysen Hohlen
Patricia Moses
Angela Tillges

Book Design
Matt Rezac

Box Design
Brendan Barrett

Box Materials
Wood from the Hood

Project Manager
Jaysen Hohlen

Thank you Collaborators

Thank you to all collaborators on previous iterations of this project. Your artwork, ideas and collaboration made the work then, and they continue to build it here. Thank you Albertine Kimble and Greg Beale in “Conversations Down River.” (2008) Adriana Knouf, Sara Pajunen, Molly Reichert and Jonathan Zorn in “Can you Listen to the same river twice?” (2013) Sebastian Muellauer, A Studio in the Woods, John Ruskey, Mike Clark, David Weiss and many others in “Listening to the Mississippi: from the Headwaters to the Gulf.” (2015) Tia-Simone Gardner, Matt Rahaim, Monique Verdin, Michi Wiancko, Judd Greenstein, Prerna, Harriet Matzdorf, and Erika Terwilliger in “Listening to the Mississippi.” (2019)

Thank You Funders

This iteration of Listening to the Mississippi was commissioned for the inaugural Wakpa Triennia, presented by Public Art Saint Paul with support from the Knight Foundation and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. This project was funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts. Thank you to all of the organizations for their generous support.


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